🏳️‍🌈 Opinionated Queer License

I create lots of things, mostly software, and I put them on the Internet for free. As an author I have the right to decide under which conditions do I waive my copyrights. Common practice is to just pick one of the permissive licenses, many of which aim to maximise the user's freedom…

But I don't care.

The whole point of me giving away stuff for free is to make the world a slightly better place – so if someone wants to use them for evil, then screw their freedom. I'm queer, I'm a member of minoritised communities – and I can't just blindly worship “freedom” in a world where so many use their freedom to actively hurt the most vulnerable.

I don't want my work to be freely used – I want it used for good.

So, my license prohibits any use by big corporations, cops, military, or use in a bigoted or violent way.

You're free to use it too, just keep in mind that I am not a lawyer. This license is inspired by and based on Leftcopy, The Social Domain, The Hippocratic License, ACAB License, the fuck around and find out license, The Anti-Capitalist Software License, The JSON License, CC-BY-NC-SA, Jamie Kyle's MIT License, Copilot resistant licenses, and the anti-license manifesto.


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Link to a specific version
Linking with the Licensor field

You can also link to a page where the Licensor field is filled out. Just use the c query parameter: Example.
It can include a link, using the following format: Name|Link. Example.
It can also be a list: Example.


You can You cannot You must
  • Use privately
  • Use commercially
  • Modify
  • Adapt
  • Distribute
  • Sublicense
  • Use a patent
  • Add a warranty
  • Hold the Licensor liable
  • Be a big corporation
  • Be law enforcement or military
  • Use for bigoted purposes
  • Use for violent purposes
  • Just blatantly resell it
    (even if laundered through machine learning)
  • Give credit
  • Indicate changes made
  • Include license or a link


This license can be used for all kinds of work.

When used for software, keep in mind that it doesn't meet FSF's definition of “free software” or OSI's definition of “open source”, and it's not GPL compatible.

You can use the following SPDX License Identifier Tag: LicenseID: LicenseRef-OQL-1.1